BSNL EVDO is a CDMA SIM and online if you go to search you will not find any Online Recharge Option, but even though we are going to provide you the process of Online Recharge of your BSNL EVDO SIM. 

The main aim of writing this blog is that most of people are having lots of questions about BSNL EVDO and we will try to solve as many problems as possible in this blog post. This blog will act like the BSNL EVDO Troubleshooter or may be also called as BSNL EVDO Tech Support Site.

If you are having any questions about BSNL EVDO you can post a comment and soon we will post the solution as blog post. So no need to be worried now about BSNL EVDO here is the BSNL EVDO Expert.

We don’t challenge that all information posted in the blog post are correct and valid there might be some minor mistakes, if queries regarding content you can contact us by commenting.


  1. Hi, I'm having some problem with my bsnl evdo recently. At sometimes, I'm unable to open any sites other than Google and Goole related sites such as Gmail and blogger and bsnl main site. During non peak hours such as around 3 pm, I'm able to open those sites. Any idea what is going on?? Please help.

    1. Hi Tra!n1305,

      If you are not able to open Google related sites, than you should try changing DNS to and

      Hope this will solve your query, if you have any further queries you are free to ask.